How To Turn Off Mobile Data On Motorola Android Phones

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Motorola phones are known for their unique design and solid look, usually rugged! But they lack in some departments in Android phones. Like turning off or switching off or disabling mobile data/internet and sending music files via Bluetooth (about which we will be telling you in future post). In this How To post will tell you about disabling mobile data connection on your Motorola Android phone.

Some of the network operators in some countries do not offer data plans and keeping mobile data enabled on an Android phone can cause you loose your hard earned money. Android phones are internet based. It’s not worth buying an Android phone if you do not use internet on it. Also one of the main reason to disable mobile data when not in use is to save battery life. Mobile data consumes mobile battery at a rapid rate which decreases the battery backup very fast.

This tutorial will list some apps which will disable mobile data on you Motorola Android phone when you are not using internet.

1. Quick Settings:

This is my favorite app (and also recommended)  to control my wireless settings. It’s an easy to use and small in size app which can control all wireless settings like Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS and Mobile data. It has a simple “ON” and “OFF” buttons which can be used to enable and disable. Apart from wireless settings this can also control brightness, profile type and ringer volume of an Android phone.

Quick Settings

Download: Quick Settings from Android Market.

2. APN Droid:

APNDroid is another app which can be used to control phone’s internet connection. This app creates an another APN(Access Point Name) by adding suffix to current enabled APN setting to disable it.


Download: APNdroid from Android market.

3. APNDRoid Widget:

This app is for users who just want to enable and disable mobile data from home screen. Download APNdroid widget from Android market, long press on homescreen and select APNdroid from the list of widgets and you are done. Just tap once to enable and disable internet on your device. This is a tiniest of all app with just 40 KB in size.

APNdroid Widget

Download: APNdroid widget from Android Market.

4. Create fake APN setting:

This is a least recommended way to disable mobile data on any Android phone. But can be useful in some cases. Create a fake APN setting and set it as a default when you do not want to use internet. To create a fake APN profile go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point Name and press option key on your mobile and select “New APN”. Now fill out the required field with the fake entries and you are done.


Do let us know if this tutorial helped you in any way. We would be glad for our work by your valuable comment. For any assistance leave us a comment.

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