How to Share Music Files Over Bluetooth In Motorola Android Devices

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Like we told you in the previous post that though Motorola has a good sense of styling and durability it lacks certain important functions in its Android Phones which makes playing with it a little tough. We did mention about the problems which the Motorola Android Phone users need to face:

and also solved their Mobile Data Connection Toggling problem in the previous post and now here comes the solution to the next problem – “Sharing Music Files Over Bluetooth”.

Motorola devices lack the functionality of sharing music files over bluetooth hence you need to have something to do this for you and as far as i know that is why ‘Android Market’ is created. You can find various apps which can send files over bluetooth and can help you fight the problem but for your convenience we have handpicked some of the best apps for sharing files over bluetooth. Once you start using them you’ll be able to say hey prob, i know better than you.

  • Bluetooth File Transfer

One of the most used app for transferring files over bluetooth as well as managing files, apart from all these you can use this app to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)  and Object Push Protocol (OPP).

Bluetooth File Explorer

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  • ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer has functions same as the above app but whats special in this case is, this app can browse file over a computer too what it needs is just a bluetooth connection.

ES File Explorer

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  • Bluetooth Explorer Lite

Once you start using this app you will feel that bluetooth file exchange has become a really easy job other than this you will also feel the ease of browsing files with the help of its file manager that can be used to browse and manage files of local & remote bluetooth devices using Bluetooth File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


Bluetooth Explorer Lite

Bluetooth File Explorer

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  • Ghost Commander File Manager

A Dual panel file manager which Unlike regular file managers copies and moves files between its two panels. Many people consider that way as a more convenient one than that explorer-like “copy” and then “paste” steps.

Beside the file system on the sdcard, this file manager can also upload or download files from remote locations such as FTP servers and can even help you exchange files over bluetooth.

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Hope your problems are solved Motorola Android Phone Owners, do let us know about your views so that we can serve you even better. For providing any tips or suggestions feel free to contact us at  Android Hogger(AH), use the comment box or email us.

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  1. The screenshot shown for ‘Bluetooth File Transfer’ is actually that of ‘Bluetooth Explorer Lite’.

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