Android vs. Apple? Android Does It Again In Japan Too

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The race between the Iphone vs. Google’s Android running phone is just getting more and more interesting after Google’s Android running phones surpassed the Iphone in the Japanese market. Android phones have already gained its popularity and moved ahead in the US market and now it gained a victory in the Japanese market as well.

Apple vs Android

According to MM Research Institute Ltd., Android handsets now hold 57% of the Japanese market. IPhone, on the other hand holds only 38%. According to the report, 3.23 million units of the iphones were shipped to Japan that approximates a 1.68  million units lesser than the Android phones, that counted 4.91 million units.

Though Iphone is voted the most popular smartphone in Japan, now Apple really needs to do some hard work to overcome that number and win the race again.

Source: Bloomberg


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4 Comments to Android vs. Apple? Android Does It Again In Japan Too

  1. Android is surely gonna be the leader, it has already conquered the market in most countries. Apple has to try something new to stick with the competition

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